Week of Thanks

It has been a wild November. We had our first sickness of the cold season and all of us went down pretty hard. Being a small business owner who relies heavily on interaction and using my time to reach people via social media meant that these weren't the most prolific of weeks for the business! I kind of felt like I was just trying to hang on, answer emails and get some orders out in the moments my little ones didn't require every ounce of me (or just trying to recover myself!!)!

We do have some fun news though! I have been wanting to offer Tula Baby Carriers at Simply Carried for a few months now, and our application was finally approved! I did a big old happy dance when I got the email! It was in great timing too. Wesley has been a bit picky about his preferred method of being carried, and the Tula is just about the only thing he happy in for longer periods of time. He is 13 months old now, and fighting the battle of intense need for adventure and exploration and intense need to be near mommy and know her whereabouts at every moment. Poor guy is getting molars on top of being sick last week (which entails a wheezy recovery for him) and has been a wreck. I will never get over how wearing him puts his little head at the perfect height for giving smooches. I think he gets about 20x more kisses while being worn! Anyhow, to celebrate the arrival of Tula to Simply Carried we are having a Tula Tea! We are meeting at Symposium Coffee in Sherwood to oogle and aww at the new pretties and try them out! I'm looking forward to it! I was lucky enough to meet the owner/founder of Tula, Ula, at the International Babywearing Conference before we opened up shop and she was lovely and inspiring. I really hope our customers love the new addition to our line up! 

We will have the Bliss Bouquet and some other fun prints available!  

We will have the Bliss Bouquet and some other fun prints available!  

This coming week I have put together a week of Thankfulness! Every day we will have some sort of sale or giveaway. They will be posted along with other fun things on our Facebook page throughout the week! I hope to get to know our fans and customers better through this wonderful holiday! I have been so thankful for our friends, family and customers for the encouragement to open this new business and gear up for our next big move! Here are the days of thanks: 

T i d a l  R i s e.png

SO I may have had a little bit too much fun making the slides for the Week of Thanks, but I have a new program and couldn't help myself! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and plan to go out to our local toy store to shop "small" on Saturday for some Christmas gifts! I am so excited that I am now part of this group of businesses. It has changed my life quite a bit and I now recognize the importance of shopping small businesses whenever I can. Thanks for staying tuned and have a lovely week! We hope you'll pop over to Facebook and engage with us there too!