Welcome to Caleb's Corner

Let's be honest, the babywearing world has been a bit one-sided when it comes to gender. How many times have you seen a dad with his kid thrown up in a Half Jordan's back carry? Sure, Baby Bjorn is making its mark, but the bottom line is babywearing is considered a mommy thing. Dads are traditionally more distant from their children; the iron fist of justice whose only purpose is to provide, punish and play. Well, excuse my crassness, but screw that!  I want to be just as big a part of my kids' lives as their mother. I'm not about to strap on a prosthetic boob to get in some bonus bonding. But I can still be a source of comfort, keep my kids close, and be an emotionally available dad. For me, baby wearing has played a big role in these goals. It's more than just convenient child storage. It's an opportunity to bond, snuggle, and be more available to your baby. For a father who is striving to break some of the more traditional parental roles, babywearing is perfect.

As my wife and I built the concept for our business, I realized it was important to help expose the perspective of babywearing dads. In Caleb's Corner I will share my life as I navigate the ever unfolding territory of parenthood.  It is my hope that through sharing my stories and experiences I can encourage other dads to get excited about babywearing. The time of distant father figures is gone. Who cares if people think you’re wearing a curtain. Wrap, tie, sling and buckle that baby up with pride. 

Wesley and I on our way to the Farm's Market sporting the amazing Pavo Fireworks. I got to use it for a day before we had it turned into a ring sling for me. I would have loved to keep the whole size 7 but Mollie's friend owns the other half.