Anniversary Weekend

We spent the long weekend doing some serious research and work on the website. I focused on learning how to set up an official business and Caleb has been hard at work on our logo and setting up the Squarespace pages. We are also trying to figure out if we should all fly down to Tempe for the International Babywearing Conference or just myself and the little guy. I think it would be amazing if we could BOTH attend the workshops, and my aunt has offered to help us wrangle children so we are really trying to make it happen! We did quite a bit of wearing this weekend as well! 

We played at the river on Sunday afternoon and hiked down to the beach, babies on us, and all of our things in the stroller. Darn those things are handy! 

Beautiful day in Portland. Like true Portlanders, we were in the water as it was over 70 out. 

Wes enjoyed a wrap snuggle and fell asleep on dad. Sand + water + baby carrier = baby snooze.