Babywearing With Multiple Kids

Hi everyone, this is our first blog in a series we call “The best of Babywearing.” Look for this tag for some short 1-2 paragraph blurbs on our favorite “win” moments in life made possible by babywearing. Without further ado, I will start off with my absolute favorite part of babywearing.

As many can attest, balancing attention between 2 or more kids is a challenge. As a member of the full-time workforce, the reality of this hit me hard when our 2nd child arrived (a beautiful baby boy named Wesley). Bundling our son up in one of our many baby carriers was a god-send. It allowed me to spend close intimate time with my baby early on while my keeping my hands free to play and interact with my lovely daughter. Babywearing has played a huge role in helping me build a wonderful relationship with my son without sacrificing other areas in my life. There is nothing quite as awesome as snuggling my son in a comfortable carrier while playing hide-and-go-to-seek at the park with my daughter. I owe my wife big time on this one, without the research and time she committed to babywearing I would have missed out on many amazing moments in my journey as a father.

Going to the Portland Zoo with Ella and baby Wesley snuggled up in our Ergo buckle carrier