Wearing Me Out....

It has been a crazy last week! My little guy popped two teeth through and has had a rough time with it. Like really rough. Ella just nursed through her turmoils but I find it difficult to soothe my little man who isn't as much of a comfort nurser. This has resulted in 5 out of 7 nights this last week with a two hour window of an awake fussy baby who can't be easily consoled back to sleep. Plus other wake ups in between. All this to say, I've been exhausted and lacking in productivity and I'd be a red hot mess if it weren't for baby wearing. And coffee. Starbucks coffee (don't hate me #stumptown). I feel like I'm just trying to survive and keep my babies happy and the aspects of opening up a business seem impossible on days like that. 

I did make some very small business progress this week that I was happy with. We purchased our business license (because vendors don't want to talk to you if you aren't OFFICIAL). Though I feel mostly fauxficial because I'm still trying to harness my vision for Simply Carried. We also bought our domain name and committed to a hosting website. My tech master has been hard at work learning the ins and outs of the platform we are using and that has been a lot more work than it seems. He also finished up our beautiful logo. We are still arguing about the font. It will probably go to vote. I started emailing vendors and have received one response so far from an awesome company and we are submitting an application that will wait list us until they start distributing to more vendors. My current fear in this process is not getting responses because I am only getting started with my business, and they will not take a chance on us. It's a little chicken versus egg-ish at the moment. 

I also have to figure out which brands I would like to carry. Which has lead to A LOT OF RESEARCH. I love research. So much. My brain will follow bunny trails of research for longer than it probably should. I'm trying to narrow down what I feel are the best carriers for a couple different style types. Wraps, Mei Tais, Structured Carriers and Ring Slings. I'm a little lacking in the mei tai department so I'm hoping to try a few out soon. 

This is a blog about baby carrying. And the business of being worn. And my kids gave me EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITIES for just that this crazy week. Which naturally requires pictures. So. 

Someone is getting her two year molars in. We are trying out a toddler Tula from a friend and its a great fit for my tall almost 3 year old. She has asked to be worn in it more than anything else we have tried in the last year. Could be the teeth, could be the anchors. I didn't think having my kids almost 2.5 years apart would involve them teething simultaneously. It's been a little touch and go lately. 

This guy went up for four wrap naps Friday. That's a record from when he was a newborn. I love being able to comfort him through wrapping and still have the ability to keep my toddler happy and the house somewhat maintained. His current favorite carry (read: the only one he doesn't try to bounce off the top of my tushie in) is a double hammock. I'm using a size five 100% cotton wrap that is mid-weight (Pavo Gotham Marble). It's definitely our comfort wrap and if I ever try to sell it, don't let me. 

This is about the closest we could get to a smile today. Not typical for my happy baby. But he wasn't crying if he was worn and seemed content as he could be, so it felt like a win. 

I'm truly hoping this next week brings about a few things. Happier babies. Responses from vendors. A continued focus on exactly what Simply Carried will be (its not my "thing" to just sell carriers). Sleep. And maybe a chance to try out a couple new carriers. I also would really like to decide if we will be attending the Babywearing International Conference in Tempe in July. It's really up in the air and it's making me crazy. 

I am meeting up with a mom with twin little ladies who wants to learn about the wonderful world of wraps this week, and having a playdate/meeting with a fellow entrepreneur who is letting me pick her brain a little about owning a small business. I love being able to connect with people through babywearing. It is one of my passions and has brought so much joy to my little world. I can only hope it will do the same for others. 

My men. Content as can be. Enjoying some fresh air to calm the evening fussiness we've been sporting. Wearing my favorite buckle carrier in my stash, the Action Baby Carrier. 

Tomorrow we breath new air and new adventures. I'm actually looking forward to Monday.