Simply Carried Update

So the last time I wrote a little business update we hadn't decided to go the the International Babywearing Conference. Well, we leave for that on Wednesday and we are all very excited. Simply Carried is really taking shape! Today we went for a practice run at the airport because neither of us had any idea how it really worked to board and get all of our stuff from one place to another. We are VERY glad we made that choice! 

At the airport for our practice run to make sure we know what to do.

The last month has been a lot of work! Trying to figure out the balance of being a working at home mom and having Caleb work tirelessly on the website has led to some changes. I bought paper diapers to prevent the laundry from piling up so much with our cloth diapers. I have had needy children with teeth coming in, my baby turned 3 and we have visited with family 6 out of the last 7 weekends. This was one of our four free weekends this summer and it went by way too fast! This business venture has brought out a different dynamic in our relationship because we are making so many small decisions together every day that don't involve daily chores or child rearing. It has been enriching and enlightening. 

The last time I wrote about our business venture, I mentioned our logo. We collaborated on a symbol that we decided to use to represent our company. I sketched out a primitive drawing of a mama snuggling her baby's head while she wore him in a sling with my mechanical pencil and some computer paper. I sketched it out while laying next to a baby who needed me in the night and I couldn't sleep. I left it out and the next morning (after sleeping in with the baby) I woke to a much more beautiful draft than what I had attempted on the computer screen. I was so touched that my partner had taken my crappy drawing and rendered my idea into something pretty. We thought, Yay! We have a logo. After consulting with some friends and realizing improvement on our design with our current tools was out of our reach, we hired a graphic designer. 

Her name is Lauren Dillard and even though we have not met in person (we have a mutual friend, who recommended her to me) I swear she knows how to take my words and turn them into something that looks amazing. Her communication of written words into art is a true gift and it has been a privilege to work with her. I have said several times through the process to my husband "HOW DID SHE READ MY MIND?" One of my favorite things is that Lauren worked with the image we created and turned it into a whole concept that better stated who I am and how I wanted to be represented as a brand.  I want to have drinks with her and hug her one day! 

Our next task for Simply Carried is to release the website to the public! We are still working on putting guides up for different types of carriers (we would love to make our own, but in the meantime we will link to our personal favorites), as well as getting some professional pictures taken for the website. We now have five wholesale accounts and are really hoping to have products soon. I will offer pre-orders to help us launch! Hopefully by late August/September. We are going to the IBC this week to check out a lot more brands that we are hoping to carry and network! 

I will post updates on our trip, but in the meantime, here are the classes I'm registered for: 

Attachment theory, neuropsychology and infant carrying 

Stash Share - MTs

Little people, big potential: social media for the juvenile industry

Kangaroo Care is a Family Affair

Babywearing Safety for Educators

The Business of Running a Babywearing Group

Just like a pair of jeans: helping find and fit the perfect SSC for anyone

Building Community, Supporting Locality and Babywearing

Pedagogy of Babywearing: Tips for more effective teaching

Biomechanics and babywearing - chiropractic standpoint

First Snuggles: Newborn-Wearing Benefits and Demos with Ring Slings, Woven Wraps, and
Stretchy Wraps

Head Wrapping and Babywearing: Using African Traditions to Build Health Equality

Learn to Love the Mei Tai

Caleb is taking classes too! The conference has opened up some classes that are not full to partners of people who are registered. He is for sure taking Wrapping and Ring Slinging from a Man's perspective. We are both so excited to enrich our babywearing toolbox and become a better resource!