My New Wrap and Ring Sling- Tekhni Meandros and Pavo Gotham

I finally have a wrap and ring sling of my own thanks to my awesome wife. She split a size 7 Pavo Gotham Fireworks with a friend who wanted a shorter wrap. We had our half converted into a sling for me last week. At the International Babywearing Conference in Tempe she got me a Tekhni Meandros Petra woven wrap.

Nap 1 and 2. Its always nice when I can successfully transfer him to the bed and then use the wrap as a blanket. Never unsupervised! 

I have been using my wife’s carriers over the last couple years. I’m not the kind of guy to worry too much about wearing my wife’s purple, pink, rainbow and flowery carriers (in fact sometimes it’s funny just to see the looks of horror on the teenage boys' faces in Target). None the less, I’m really excited to have some carriers to call my own that are a little less “girly”. Both carriers look awesome and are very comfortable. Both Fireworks and Meandros were pretty soft right out of the box, requiring almost no breaking in.  

The Fireworks sling is great for my little Wesley right now. He is very curious and enjoys the wide range of motion a sling allows. However, if he is sleepy or if he will be up for a long time, the long size 7 Meandros is perfect. It lets me snuggle him up in a nice sturdy Front Wrap Cross Carry (which has resulted in two of the three naps he took yesterday).  The size 7 is also long enough for me to do a Double Hammock back carry with both Wesley and Ella Kay (our three year old). Unfortunately, this also resulted in Ella taking a nap, so she was still awake and crazy at 10:45 last night.

We finally got her to sleep at 11:15 by going on a walk outside with her up on my back again.