A New Trick for an Old Dawg

We visited Caleb, Mollie, and the kids this weekend. They’ve been into wrapping and “wearing” kids for some time. I’ve watched with interest and some admiration, as they've developed a passion and started a business around kids and wraps. I have to admit that even after all the stories it mattered to me because it mattered to them, it made sense to me because my son was enthusiastic about it. That changed this weekend.

Twice this weekend we went on walks of about two hours. We visited the lovely Tualatin wildlife preserve and an old haunt, Minto-Brown Park in Salem. Both times I “wore” Wesley; once in a ring sling and once in a front wrap. I’m impressed. Wes is an easy baby for sure but as a fairly involved father of 3 and grandfather of 6 I've never had a one-year-old stay that close that long, let alone on an adventure with things to see, black berries to eat, birds to hear, bikes, and so on.

Something always happens, or my back aches, or Grammy can’t resist, or, or, or.
With little Wes tucked into my chest we explored, covered ourselves in black berry stains (sorry son) and generally had a blast. I felt connected at a level surely unique to this approach. He slept, we laughed and made noises, it was magical.

I am truly surprised at how special it was but the coup de grace was yet to come. Grammy is a force of nature with young ones. My own kids, when young, had a marked preference for their mother, it is only amplified with the next generation. It seems they know Grampa comes with the Grammy package but with the two and under set I’m sure not Varsity and I’m usually not even on the bench for JV. Imagine my shock, and I admit it, even triumph when during our goodbye hugs this afternoon I handed Wes to Grammy he pushed away with both hands and lunged for me! Sa-weet! Grampa just made the team.

Caleb and Mollie: thanks for sharing a new trick and your lovely son, it was an experience I won’t forget. Hurry up and get that site rolling, I need to order me a dozen or so wraps – Grampa’s on a roll!

Grandpa and Wesley on Saturday enjoying black berries on our walk

Wesley taking a nap with Grandpa in Tekhni Meandros