Pavo Accoutrements Ring Sling Prototype Review

Pavo Accoutrements: Gotham Brick Ring Sling Prototype

This was my first purchase at the International Babywearing Conference in Tempe, AZ this year. As soon as I entered the Pavo booth, I saw the familiar Gotham design and had to snatch it up. I have a serious love for this design. It is so fun to look at and the pattern is detailed but not overwhelming. It goes with everything. I was shocked to see that Pavo had ready-made ring slings at the conference and naturally I had to bring one home.

He has a feeling I may be trying to sway him into a nap. 

Before I could get a feel for the ring sling I had to take it home to wash it. Without a wash I could hardly thread the material through the rings. Never judge a wrap or ring sling before you give it a finishing was. They come in loom state and need a wash, dry and iron before they are ready to go. I knew from my experiences with my other Gothams that it would soften up quickly. And that it did. The thickness is still noticeable when adjusting the sling,  but that makes it so much more supportive for my WILD boy. He loves to bounce and lean while being worn and this ring sling is solid.

This ring sling features a pleated shoulder, which I was not in love with comfort wise at first (it’s my first pleated shoulder, I am used to gathered). I have very petite rounded shoulders. I simply cannot wear a purse that is not cross body and have it stay on. A gathered shoulder ring sling tends to scoop my whole shoulder and upper arm up and hang on for dear life, no sliding. The pleated shoulder required more careful adjusting to get the rings high enough while still allowing the shoulder to spread. After a week of wearing it, I have found a sweet spot with it and find it almost as comfortable as my gathered shoulder ring sling (Gotham Fireworks). As long as I take an extra minute to adjust perfectly it is wonderful. 

This ring sling nice and wide. Perfect for nursing with good coverage. 

The only downside to the design of the ring sling is that it isn’t reversible. Gotham is amazing on both sides.  Both sides do show while wearing it (one side shows on the part going across the baby's back, the other side shows on the tail) but I like to be able to switch things up with wrong side/right side with my Gotham wraps. I really like how Pavo used this fabric to cover up the seam though, it gives it a much more finished look. 

This is the wrong side of the shoulder.  (photo taken with a flash, color is pretty true to life here) 

And the bronze rings. Classy. I feel so classy when sporting this ring sling at home and on the go. The pleated shoulder helps with that. It was a pleasure to be one of the first testers of this prototype. I will probably revisit this review again after I have really broken it in.

This what I really look like by 4 pm. I wish I could nap too! At least I feel fancy. 


*I was not paid for or asked to do this review. I was not given this ring sling to test out, I bought it and wanted to share my opinions. This is a prototype and the final product is likely to differ