The Business of Being Worn. One Week in.

Week One Update:

We have been working on Simply Carried since the beginning of May, but tomorrow marks the one week start of launching our website. What a week it has been. I am also planning a baby shower for my sister this weekend! Our internet had an untimely outage and has not been working all week. I have spent 6 hours on the phone with the internet company to no avail and have been packing our 8 year old laptop (has it really been that long since we started college??) to Starbucks after Caleb gets home from work to work on our website. Me being gone in the evenings has been a bit difficult on the babies (I usually work after they go to bed, but Starbucks isn't open that late) so it has thrown off their routines. The kids have been having a lot of fun with Caleb, and though it is difficult they have had some great time to bond. It was even a little nice sometimes to be able to work uninterrupted. I didn't have to fight the nagging feeling of needing to clean the house and I had a sense of urgency to get down to business. I tried to make the best of it, but having an online store really should involve having the internet at home and it was painful. A service tech comes tomorrow to fix it, hopefully.

Daddy took the kids on lots of evening adventures while I was camped out at Starbucks. 

Daddy took the kids on lots of evening adventures while I was camped out at Starbucks. 

We have been writing some blog entries in the process of working on our website and it has been fun to share them with our friends, family and fellow babywearers now that our site is unlocked. Caleb’s blog The Downsides of Babywearing was a big hit. It makes me laugh every time I read it. I love that he is excited about babywearing and is willing to offer his perspective. We had just fewer than 6500 visits to our site in our first week. I think I only accounted for about 30 or so of them. Part of the reason we have made the blog an integral part of our site is that we are excited about babywearing. It’s not just an online store. It’s a way to encourage people and engage them in what we are doing and what we believe in.

I did make my first few sales this week. I will admit that it made me really excited. Not necessarily because I made a sale, but because people are supportive of and excited about this huge thing I’ve been working on. I feel like people are saying “I believe in you.” Not just people I know either! This makes me happy.  I bought polymailers and shipping labels and some cute stamps to put on invoices. A small part of my inventory will be here next week (along with the Didymos wraps people pre-ordered). Next week I will open up a Little Frog woven wraps and ring slings pre-order, and a Lenny Lamb woven wraps, ergonomic carriers and ring sling pre-order. I am going to make the pre-order process more streamline for these. They will be shipping from Poland so I expect them to be here by end of August, beginning of September.

 I am excited to bring a bigger baby wearing resource with many different carrier options to the Portland, OR area! Stay tuned for Simply Carried meetups and babywearing parties, locals.