Little Frog Boulder Opal Woven Wrap Review and Giveaway

Little Frog wraps are now in-stock at Simply Carried! I thought I'd do a review of one because I have not come across any recent reviews since Little Frog has changed their weave a bit in the last couple years. I am surprised these wraps don't get more attention!

Boulder Opal is a 100% cotton wrap with a weight of 240 g/m2. 

It is not crunchy or stiff like I expected it to be straight out of the package. Boulder Opal (and the other cotton blends we have in stock) are smooth and soft right away! Little Frog recommends a finishing wash, so I washed and dried it and out came a floppy wrap ready for adventure! The weave of this wrap has great diagonal stretch (which provides more comfort) and a touch of vertical stretch. Wraps get even softer with use as well!

This is a great choice for learning how to use a woven wrap with. The different colored top edge (rail) and bottom edge make it very easy to figure out where to pull to adjust to the perfect fit. The graduation of colors in this wrap are so lovely and different colors are shown off with different carries and tie-offs (see our guides page for some ideas of different carries).

Little Frog Boulder Opal is Baby-Approved 

This wrap is a great option for babies from birth on. With older babies (20 pounds or more)  it will be most comfortable in a multi-pass carry like a front-wrap cross carry or double-hammock.  Before then it is a great option with any type of carry. 

 Little Frog wraps are made in Poland and were created by babywearing parents Patryk and Marzena. They fell in love with wearing their daughter in woven wraps  and were inspired to create a product that is eco and budget friendly (as well as beautiful).  It has been a lot of fun for me to chat with them through email to bring these wraps to Simply Carried. 

If you are looking for a babywearing option that is totally versatile and provides the utmost of comfort, consider learning to wrap! I love wrapping and share why here. If you want to do so without spending more than $100, look no further than Little Frog

I love this wrap so much, and to celebrate our first month in business and to share the love we are doing a give-away for this wrap (winner pays shipping)! Enter the giveaway here: