It has been a busy busy couple of months here at Simply Carried! Working from home processing and filling orders and doing outreach has led to less time writing about the exciting things going on here! I have started a Youtube channel to document our new products and goings on at Simply Carried. I would LOVE to write everything down, but my kids very suddenly need the entirety of my attention when I sit down to write during the day. I want to keep people informed and highlight our products, so, we are making videos now! I know it isn't the same, and also it's not perfect for those midnight nursing sessions, but we are having fun with them and learning more each day. Our channel is here:

I will do my best to post the videos here on the blog, but our channel is for sure going to have the most up to date videos! It has been a bit tough for me to watch myself on video, because they are not perfect at all, and my assistant often keeps things rather interesting and spirited. If nothing else, watch them for her! These videos will include live videos of carriers and my thoughts on them, as well as reviews and updates about our business. I am learning about editing and such with each video, so hang in there for me! Also, be sure to keep up with us on instagram (@simplycarried) and Facebook ( Here are our first three: