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Unfortunately, Squarespace does not directly support PayPal. It is important for us to provide as good a service as possible to our customers.  We have created this form as a PayPal invoicing method on all Simply Carried products.

How It Works

Browse the shop.  When you are ready, simply fill out the form below with the required information. Then press submit. We will contact you via email with confirmation info followed by a Paypal invoice. We will also keep you notified on the progress of your order. This form does not interact with our inventory system. So check if the item is out of stock in our shop.  If you would still like to order an out of stock item thats ok.  But please keep in mind, some of our vendors are overseas, often causing 2-4 week ship times. Ship time estimations will be included in our initial reply before invoicing occurs. Please review our terms and policies and Contact us if you have any questions.

Name *
Select an item from the shop and place the name here. If you would like to order multiple items please separate each item with a comma or specify quantity in parentheses if ordering multiple of the same item (ex. Amethyst woven wrap(2), Annika Pikkolo carrier)
Size of item if applicable. If you are ordering multiple items please separate the sizes by a comma and place in the same order as the item names (ex. small, N/A, small)
Phone Number
Phone Number
Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
Add a comment or provide any additional specifications to your order and we will do our best to accomodate.

We offer free shipping within the United States on all purchases.

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