Little Frog Labradorite Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

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Little Frog Labradorite Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

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I'm probably a bit TOO excited about this Little Frog wrap/ring sling. It is a gorgeous dark weft rainbow. The lovely colors pop so brilliantly against the black weft of Labradorite. This wrap is nice and wide and is suitable from birth on up. One of my favorite rainbows woven to date! 

Little Frog wraps and ring slings are soft after a wash, and only soften more with use. I love striped wraps when learning how to use a wrap or a ring sling because they are easier to adjust for a perfect fit. Little Frog wraps and ring slings have a different color top and bottom edge to aid in the process as well. This is a perfect beginner wrap!

A medium will fit the majority of all wearers with a varying degree of tail length. If you are concerned about length, shoot us a message and we will help you figure out what size you need. 

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weight: 200 g/m2

weft: Black

weft thread:  broken twill weave

composition: 100% cotton

Little Frog wraps and ring slings are produced in accordance with EU norm EN 13209-2 and Eco-Tex Standard 100 and therefore:

- do not contain allergenic dyes,
- are free from carcinogenic dyes and dyes suspected of being carcinogenic,
- have been tested for the release of heavy metals,
- do not contain formaldehyde,
- have a skin friendly pH.



  • material: aluminium
  • color: Silver
  • size: L
  • source:

*wrap conversion simply means the ring sling is made out of a woven wrap, offering great support for the wearer

Ring Slings are a great solution for babies that like to see the world and for people interested in the beauty of the woven wrap, but aren't ready to learn all the carries. They fold up small in a purse or diaper bag and the tail of the sling can be used for anything from shading baby from the sun, to mopping up his/her messes. See our guides page for more ideas on how to use a ring sling. 



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See a clip of this woven wrap live here at 2:15: