Little Frog Linen Opal Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

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Little Frog Linen Opal Wrap Conversion Ring Sling


Linen Opal, the big brother of Boulder Opal, is my home state in wrap form. The blues, grey and greens are an homage to the trees, grass, mountain streams, rivers and cloudy skies of Oregon.

Linen Opal is going to be best for babies that are not brand new! It is a very sturdy wrap that requires use and practice to soften it up. What it lack in softness, it makes up for in being supportive, so if you're lugging around a toddler or heavy heavy baby, you might consider it! 

Wraps and ring slings are appropriate for infant through toddler wearing.

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name: Linen Opal

size: M (2.1 m, will fit wide variety of wearers)

country of origin: Poland

colors: blue, gray, green

weft: natural linen color (whitish/beige)

weight: 240 g/m2

weft thread:  broken twill weave

 composition: 60% cotton, 40% linen


*wrap conversion simply means the ring sling is made out of a woven wrap, offering great support for the wearer

Ring Slings are a great solution for babies that like to see the world and for people interested in the beauty of the woven wrap, but aren't ready to learn all the carries. They fold up small in a purse or diaper bag and the tail of the sling can be used for anything from shading baby from the sun, to mopping up his/her messes. See our guides page for more ideas on how to use a ring sling.