Tekhni Meandros Esmerelda

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Tekhni Meandros Esmerelda

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We are thrilled to introduce Tekhni Wovens to our lineup! Tekhni is based in Chicago and run by a team of amazing ladies. Tekhni strives to make  affordable, accessible, and available, high quality wraps that provide optimal comfort and support. The majority of Tekhni Wraps are woven and finished in the USA. The care and detail that goes into the weaving and finishing of every Tekhni wrap is something truly special. 

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100% cotton
weight approx 280gsm

New in design and weave, Meandros creates a superbly soft, medium-weight piece with excellent stretch and support. A slightly lighter alternative to Olympos and Ceres, Meandros truly shines for use with all ages, from newborn to toddler.

The Esmerelda colorway is a glowing combination of mercerized emerald green cotton fill in a creamy natural cotton warp


Product care:
Tekhni woven wraps are easy to care for and are created for all-day use. 

Please note, all Tekhni wraps are cut longer than actual size to allow for shrinkage in the first washing.

Tekhni wraps arrive to you in loomstate, and will need a wash to be ready for use. For cotton wraps, an initial wash in warm water with low spin is recommended with subsequent washes on a gentle cycle with cool water. Use of natural detergents without any optical brighteners will also help keep colors from fading. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, as these can break down the fibers.

Wraps should be tumble dried on low, followed with a warm steam iron to reduce wrinkling and soften up after a washing.

Tekhni wraps are made to withstand the rigors of everyday life-- however please treat with care to extend the life of the fabric.


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