Tula "Aurora Newton" Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

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Tula "Aurora Newton" Wrap Conversion Ring Sling


♥ Soft and supportive 100% cotton
♥ Medium weight wrap (270 +/- 30 GSM)
♥ Special finishing process makes this wrap soft and does not require any breaking in.
♥ Woven in Europe
 Ideal for children, including newborns and toddlers

 *Please note: Placement of the weave in this wrap conversion ring sling may vary.*

Ring Slings are perfect for all different sized wearers and babies and are an ideal carrier from birth on up! They are easily adjustable and fold up compact for easy storage when not in use. 

Tula Ring Slings are handmade from woven wraps, which are designed and woven specifically for Tula. They are a representation of Tula's passion for textiles, designs, attention to details and the beauty of babywearing. 


Tula Ring Slings are available in two sizes, "S/M" and "L/XL". For reference, you can use your shirt size to determine what size would be best for you. However, the fit of Tula Ring Slings is very versatile. A "S/M" will still fit a plus sized person, it will simply leave a shorter "tail" (excess material that lies past the rings).

All Tula Ring Slings have a weight range of 8-35lbs. 

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